Reading and Leeds Festival 2013 7 Biffy Clyro their full Reading Festival set

Apollo Festival Online video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. What an amazing night<3

  2. Ben McGettigan

    Seeing this live at Leeds was enough for me to change my whole opinion of
    biffy- flipping class band

  3. this was my first festival n seein these made it amazin even tho i wer
    drenched, i dint feel cold 1 bit…. absolute class

  4. WHOA

  5. Amazing concert. Thanks!

  6. scottlovesfinch

    Watching this in preparation of their small gig in Guildford tonight with
    Mallory Knox! Oh aye, mon’ the fucking Biff! 🙂

  7. This was the first time i’ve heard Biffy. I know ;/ and he was amazing! <3

  8. These are the coolest band around at the moment

  9. caitlin pearce


  10. i saw them at wembley stadium when they were supporting muse they were
    awesome, i wanted to go reading this year but no-one else wanted to

  11. Thanks for posting this. There’s such an amazing atmosphere of celebration.

  12. Anyone else see the legend of a steward called Graham too????

  13. 4:16 you have no idea what you’re doing

  14. We are family and I’v got all my sisters with me, its was the last song
    they played on the PA before Biffy started and everyone was singing to it

  15. Cheers for the upload mate

  16. Fabian Schneider

    i sure as hell wish this was their set for their upcoming shows in germany.
    sooo wanna see 57, Q&A and living.

  17. THEY! Biffy Clyro is the band name. Simon is the legend you are referring

  18. They played 57 at 55:56..

  19. harrywhiteification

    55:56 57 – that couldn’t have worked out better

  20. shut up, THEY are a band. Ignorant twat.

  21. thanks so much! 😀

  22. Buzzing I was! :p

  23. i was is my favorite song shame they didn’t play the whole song but i was
    expecting them to play it at all so was a bonus

  24. what does he say at the start?

  25. Reading is botht the left and the right breast