Róisín Murphy – Dear Miami (Live @ V Festival 2008)

Apollo Festival Online video Score: four / 5

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  1. how the FUQ is there a gap in the crowd?

  2. TheodoreAngelos


  3. Back up singers are getting DOWN! lol

  4. She shits

  5. dear miami, primitive, overpowered and parallel lives=all fantastic

  6. Dear Miami & Primitive my favorites Roisin’s songs <3

  7. 0:00 - 0:31 Best part.

  8. Man that backup singer with the tits is smokin.

  9. LeninsBoyToy44

    man this song is absolutely amazing.

  10. SylwiaMalutka

    love it!

  11. ShintulaLuciferia

    Gaga never claimed she created the look, she references who she gets inspired by. Both Roisin Murphy and Lady Gaga were inspired by Grace Jones. She didn’t copy anyone, that’s like saying if I wear louboutin shoes, and I see someone who wore them before, I’m copying them. :/ yet I did not create them.

  12. I’m so sad, but I have to admit this. I’m a huge Gaga’s fan, but what I see now is it, she’s a copycat, he stole the whole look from Poker Face/Lovegame period from Róisín’s :(((

  13. vagalindo0205

    Is it just me but this song just exuberates pure sex and liberation?


  15. She could be, she’s like 16 or 17 years older.

  16. I love em both.

  17. Lady Gaga ain’t got shit on Roisin!

  18. u all suck. just listen to the music and don’t struggle!

  19. XXRatedCrazyXX

    gaga is a roisin murphy wannabe

  20. omg, this is even better than album version

  21. trashycutcopy

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