Shakira – Islands (The xx Cover) Live at Glastonbury

Apollo Pageant Video Rating: three / five

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  1. antoniobixler

    chinga tu madre shakira

  2. skarlettjonaspatt

    ummm seriously you not understand lol…

  3. diegoarevollom

    God! I’m Shakira’s fan but I have to say that this cover is no good.

  4. Fuck , what is this?? :s

  5. Come back when you can write something that makes sense.

  6. ChloroformUrMother

    It’s faster paced and happier! awesome!

  7. shakicanard974

    Good version Shakira your great !

  8. AMAZING =)

  9. both version by the xx and shakira actually bring sadness,it’s just shakira’s is a different kind of “sadness”

  10. I love you Shakira :’)

  11. DelamanchaBand

    pretty cool…love her shirt and the fact that she loves xx!

  12. she may be too commercial,now. but she’s a professionist. no doubt about that

  13. skarlettjonaspatt

    kkkkkk that disgusting with this thing or woman singing this song so amazing is an embarrassment to this great group aiish is complete shit………

  14. when she has brown curly hair she was so unique now she just looks like everyone else (sigh)

  15. Shakira covering the xx. My ears just had an orgasm.

  16. i think she put a cool spin to it, im a huuugggee fan of the XX but this is a cool version, her voice suits it

  17. the original never made me sad. cheers me up.

  18. neonjellyfish14

    This is pretty good but definatly not a song that fits her voice

  19. MsYellowPineapple07

    Not better than the original, BUT Still Very good ( :

  20. This is one of my best Glastonbury memories. The weather was spot on, and it was such a Summer-y cover. Superb.

  21. Mejor sigue con tu “waka waka” y demás pendejadas que cantas porque esto no es lo tuyo…

  22. Jairo Murillo Fuerte

    it’s way better than the original version =)

  23. Someone said it will become the Sims 4 theme song! But I don’t know whether it is right or wrong 😛

  24. Oldesthomosapiens