Tenacious D – Tribute [live at Reading Festival, 2008]

Apollo Pageant Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. relentlessdistortion

    we are but men… ROCK!

  2. They are fucking awesome !

  3. i think we can establish that this is fucking amazing.

  4. That’s not what i’ve read. The story I’ve always had in mind is the one where Jack played KG “One” by Metallica saying it was “the best song in the world” and that they should write something similar.

    However, the song that they played on their (fateful) eponymous show many years ago and that would end up being polished and becoming “Tribute” as we know it contained a snippet of “Stairway to Heaven” right when the devil asked them to play the best song in the world. Coincidence? 🙂

  5. MonkeyTurtle100

    This song was actually written about a song they cam up with but forgot. All that they remembered was that it was the greatest song they had ever done.

  6. Dat look Jack and Kyle give each other at the end.


  7. The D shall live on!

  8. False. The meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs and aloud us humans to evolve was the best thing that happened to Earth.

  9. silverbackbacon5

    Download 2012.
    fuck im excited

  10. God bless you 😉

  11. hahahah *face palm* 😛

  12. Its 240p.
    *trollface* 🙂

  13. 0:41 wake up idiot,the devil does not rest

  14. 250p we meet again -_-

    But still that doesnt take away from the awesomness!!!

  15. tenacious d is the best thing that happened to the earth

  16. ofc its the greatest and best song in the world 🙂

  17. i was there!!!

  18. oh god i’ll shit solid gold bricks…

  19. …awesomeness…

  20. They play the download festival on 9th June

  21. ManiacalPatollo

    I was in the crowd for this and they were awesome! Watching this raises goose bumps remembering how much awesomesauce was involved here! 😀

  22. Konessssss!!!!

  23. the’re fcking awesome!

  24. wtf my home town… n no one told me bout it those ass holes…

  25. they are playing before black keys before foos