Terry Reid – Glastonbury Fayre Festival – Live 1971

Apollo Festival Online video Rating: 5 / five

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  1. sí, esta los supergroup me gusto más mucho desde 1970s. that’s right, and Lee Miles on bass and David Lindley on electric lap steel guitar. this is the supergroup i miss the most from the early ’70s.

  2. this is the best thing

  3. Southerntredkill

    If you hate this, you hate life!

  4. And that looks like Lol Creme from 10cc getting stoned at 2:04.

  5. Aw shit! Is that Alan White on drums?

  6. its a shame he never got the fame he deserved………….his voice is up there with Marriot’s

  7. Brought to my attention by Dan from Phantom Limb, good call, thanks!

  8. Amazing performance and footage! Love it!!

  9. so good!

  10. crumblesrutheford

    Best Terry Reid footage I’ve seen on You Tube. Highly under rated singer and band, Thank you!

  11. hamsterstavros

    boy, is he stoned…….