The Black Crowes – My Morning Song (Live in Glastonbury Festival 1995)

Apollo Competition Online video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. hershysquirts187

    The Black Crowes in there Allman Bothers phase.

  2. Chris on the bad vocal day rockin like theres no tomorrow

  3. americo teixeira

    adoro esta banda….

  4. americo teixeira

    grande musica….

  5. Armando Rodriguez

    Hermosa Cancion !!

  6. Ne verdammt geile Band. Existieren die eigentlich noch?

  7. at this gig fantastic year at glastonbury what a band plant and page played
    a belter too

  8. B-boy 2 Soulman

    Was there amazing weekend

  9. email4barrytheb

    Love Mark BUT Rich is the sh!ti.

  10. MrDriftwoodshores

    JUST HEARD THIS VERSION TODAY ON 88.7 the hights here in clevd. all i can
    say is LISETEN ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME THE
    VIBE o fsome greaT ARTISTRY

  11. ok, Ford was ok. But Luther is THE MAN !

  12. holy shit

  13. I was living in London at this time, and remember very clearly the slagging
    these guys got in the reviews for this. They were being unfavourably
    compared to the band that cam on after them – Oasis – so the review said
    the Crowes jammed too much and were boring. Looking at this video you have
    to say what a load of shit! Plus I saw them supporting the Stones at
    Wembley around this time. Everyone around me was criticizing them whole
    time they played. Those were strange times in the UK..spice girls!

  14. Back in the days when Glastonbury had decent line-ups. The Crowes, Page and
    Plant, Lenny Kravitz and The Kinks to name a few. Oh and Rolf Harris
    kicking things off…aah memories.

  15. 1057 views? best morning song on youtube. I truly feel sorry for people who
    don’t experiance the sounds a great band can make.

  16. ok, just caught the end there, some goosepimply Marc M’fn Ford shit right

  17. Pete McThompson

    Definition: Good music (Gud Muz-ik): this fucking song right here.

  18. who was marc ford? their pusher?

  19. too bad they didnt turn rich’s amp off during his solo….that was almost
    completely out of tune….

  20. Marc hands down….not taking away from Luther , but Ford plays with
    waaaaaay more feeling. On comparing Rich to Marc…please.

  21. Fuckin Marc Ford is so much the shit man…He was so responsible for their
    brilliant sound back then. They just never captured it the same way since
    those days….this was just pure magic. They really need to get him back in
    the studio again!

  22. Doesn’t get much better than this.

  23. Could you rewrite that in english please?