The Donnas – Take It Off (V Festival 2002)

Apollo Festival Movie Score: 4 / five

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  1. bumcheese1981

    proper women, ripping it up´╗┐ ­čÖé

  2. One more time please, but´╗┐ now without clothes.

  3. claudiofimiani

    yeah! she’s amazing on´╗┐ the drum

  4. Keep the Lady Gaga bullshit….These girls are sexy, talented,´╗┐ and worthy of praise…fuck the BS, long live the donnas.

  5. FTW! The Donnas rule all…keep your Lady Gaga bullshit, these are real talented, sexy´╗┐ women, Bottom line.

  6. shes not playing a one note bass line by the´╗┐ way shes keeping the rhytm and torry rocks!!

  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  8. love tori’s´╗┐ energy

  9. i play this in my band and it fkn rocks.´╗┐

  10. these´╗┐ girls be HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  11. whitecloud1980

    she plays a simple in the pocket kinda style like Nikki Sixx or Killer Kane from NY Dolls. in fact shes playing a Nikki Sixx Signature Thunderbird. this´╗┐ aint Geddy Lee music

  12. Yeah, well at least she’s´╗┐ driving the beat instead of staying in the background.

  13. Step aside Runaways the Donnas´╗┐ are here..

  14. abeautifultomorrow

    The Donnas´╗┐ Rock!

  15. well being a bass player…i like to have some more variety and involvement in the band other´╗┐ than one note.

  16. boys like´╗┐ boobies

  17. a piece of´╗┐ advice,don’t let me get within 10 feet of you

  18. I can´╗┐ play this on real guitar

  19. My thoughts´╗┐ exactly.

  20. marcwatkins32

    I just realized after all these´╗┐ years, these girls a kinda hot…the Donnas fuhgin rock

  21. liljrodguitarboy27

    Hypest drummer´╗┐ on the planet!

  22. Hardrockslims

    One note bass lines?
    The simpler it is, the harder it hits. I think Johnny Cash said that.
    I’ll take a nice fat, e-string, driving bass line that you can feel in your chest any day.
    Makes everything else jump out. So many bands have the kick drum, bass and rhythm all´╗┐ on the same frequency, and the details get lost in the wash.

  23. Oh yeah´╗┐ they rock big time!

  24. guitarist and drummer rock but im not a fan of´╗┐ the bass player or the singer. not her best singing and im not a fan of the one note bass line..