Apollo Festival Movie Score: 5 / five

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  1. MrTrendyQwerty


  2. MrTrendyQwerty

    cant wait till V Fest 2012!!! <3

  3. crowd surfed for this song. so much fun. although i lost a shoe

  4. @squidy2343 The crowd definitely sang it better than brandon did lol

  5. mbrittbradford

    can’t wait! i just got goosebumps reliving this! BRING IT ON!!!

  6. Back again in August, we’ll be welcoming them with open arms!

  7. abcdelizabethx

    goosebumps throughout

  8. goose bumps 0:00-3:54

  9. feelinghappy89

    That was the most awesome night, everyone was going crazy!

  10. AMAZING !!!!

  11. Ahh, ok, thank you for clearing that up.

  12. It wasn’t Dave, it was Ray, their touring guitarist, playing the part which you can faintly hear in the recorded version too.

  13. haha Brandon is probably thinking “I don’t even need to be here. The crownd will just sing for me” lol

  14. I love love LOVE hearing a crowd sing along nice and loud. Sometimes I prefer to the actual singing. It just gives it so much more feeling and it feels like everyone’s united together. And the Killers are excellent at getting crowds like this. 🙂

  15. Did Dave bust out into the “Read My Mind” solo around 2:58 or 2:59? Either way, they did a great job playing the song, better than I could ever do on a song, so I’m not criticizing.

  16. WoahItsAndyyy

    i completely disagree

  17. Saw these lot at the other v fest site, possibly the rarest site of a crowd is singing in unison like this…..great band 😛

  18. fuck yeh i was there

  19. sidthelibertines

    Arguably the best musical experience of my life.

  20. You wont get a better front man if you looked

  21. best crowd ever

  22. matt4real4life

    at first the bands live proformence honestly kinda sucked, but the have been and are getting better and better live everytime i hear them

  23. Ok thank you 🙂

  24. aye, wey a can see why you say that, but at the end of the day, it was meant no harm, and i’m sorry if it did

  25. Oh well even if it was it’s still not nice though.