The Killers Reading Festival 2008 When You Were Young

Apollo Festival Video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. 2 words. fucking awesome

  2. I think The Killers are fantastic live. If you had been there you’d know. This song is fantastic. ALWAYS.

  3. I don’t like their live performance

  4. Yeah I was there too. One of the best night’s of my life. Bloody great.

  5. It’s weird how some people say sam’s town sucked but those same people say the songs are good which shows how restarted the world can be

  6. I envy you Was a legendary performance, a matter of fact, all the The Killers performcance is legendaty, and any The Killers fans would have killed to be in your spot for that night.

  7. This is a great song but if you like this you may like to search:


    It’ll only take 3mins and this band are AMAZING!

  8. Youve never been to Glastonbury then!

  9. In some videos hes wearing a tie, in some hes not. Which is reading, which is leeds?

  10. VacantOccupation72

    beautiful shittttt!

  11. they’re coming to Orlando in November. I can’t wait! having to sit through the other mediocre bands will be well worth it for these guys =)

  12. slick, stylish, abstract formalwear

  13. 0:14 im there… can you see me?

  14. Why do American Festival

  15. this was easily the best line up for reading festival and ive been going since 06 such a great year

  16. ive been goin to readin since er,2005 and without question this was the best ever set of all those that have stood before in my opinion

  17. 2:32 i literally skip a heartbeat

  18. pinballwizard8394

    I literally had to stop 5 times and take a breath, i couldnt take in this awesomeness all at once :p

  19. 3 people aren’t young anymore

  20. 2008 looked like such a good year for reading fest. i’m finally old enough to go and they produce this years sorry excuse of a line up 🙁

  21. the feeling of this big crowd singing along your song must be the best thing in the world + amazing live

  22. PossibleSideEffects2

    check out my bands version af all these things that ive done

  23. markosknopfler18

    love it

    u might wanna try Watermind – “From the start”
    long live 4 the Killers !!

  24. That moment at 2:32, WOW!