The Kills – Live @ Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, England 06-25-2011

Apollo Festival Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. that is rock’n’roll

  2. 4 people are stupid !!!!!!!!

  3. 19:14
    rock hard
    sleep hard
    wake hard

  4. I used to say I didn’t like them.. but I obviously can’t have ever heard them. This is ace

  5. How rough do you guys have sex?! I would have Morcheeba – Slow Down, followed by Portishead – Glory Box; Wax Tailor – Our Dance; Télépopmusik – Breathe; Lamb – Trans Fatty Acid and Lykke Li - Get Some.

  6. 9:50 kate moss hahahahahaha

  7. raymondjamesrivera

    LOVE how he plays guitar! Would love to hear an instrumental from him too. She’s a fucking rockstar…

  8. luigidivuonomusic

    4:43 such an awesome fucking riff !!!

  9. 7:33 omg hahaha Alison is perfect.

  10. The way their curtain waves is trippy as fuck.

  11. People + crap = super concert

  12. Yeah, I’ve played MMJ and some people just don’t like it. The only explanation I have is that a lot people just don’t appreciate quality music. That’s why the industry and corporations fill the airwaves with garbage pop singers.

  13. All amazing, and I love that you mentioned My Morning Jacket. My best friend got me into them, and no one ever likes them when I play them. I’m like”Bitch this is fucking genius!”

  14. 12:41 Doby likes the Kills!

  15. Fuck, this is so good. I love The Kills, Raconteurs, Dead Weather, My Morning Jacket, Queens of The Stone Age, and any other bands making “real” music.

  16. Jamie and Allison owned this fucking show

  17. What kind of stupid comment is this,fucking stupid hating shit.

  18. feelthemusicrunning

    what kind of stupid band is this? no music values, no dynamics, bunch of stupid 2 chord shit….

  19. He’s married to Kate moss

  20. i was suposed to go to sleep about 30 minutes ago.

  21. his main guitar is a Hofner Galaxie from circa 1965

  22. Alison is just quite simply the coolest person alive.

  23. what guitar is jamie using at the beginning here?

  24. Awww I love how Kate Moss is just cheering them on!!(: