The Libertines – Reading Festival 2010

Apollo Festival Online video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. Amazing performance by a great band!!!!!
    Aaaahmazing new upcoming band ­čÖé ´╗┐

  2. i cry´╗┐

  3. behave yourself!´╗┐ ffs carl n pete

  4. 1952joestrummer2002

    GARY IS A TANK! What a beast! What a´╗┐ ledge!

  5. Caspar Bayliss

    This comment is just ignorant. I’m a massive fan of both and a Pete Doherty obsessive and I went to both sets, but Arcade Fire were far and away the better of the two. Having just released´╗┐ another great album they were better musically as they always have been and were the better performers too. The Libertines were good, but if you had been there you would agree with me.

  6. electricclowns

    Electric Clowns – Out´╗┐ of Sight
    Whats the worst that could happen

  7. good stuff but same old shit . they need new´╗┐ libertines songs, a single would be some thing

  8. I would give anything´╗┐ to have been there!

  9. you are right, the man can remember every detail of every libs song, its amazing, if you want the new documentary he is basicaly telling pete and carl how to play their own songs most of´╗┐ the time haha

  10. priizdelirium

    se siguen viendo´╗┐ jovenes, tocan conganas hubiera deseado estar all├ş..

  11. BEATmyguest31

    wtf is arcade fire doing ahead of the libertines on the bill?!?!´╗┐ fucking bullshit

  12. BulletsLikeDoves

    It’s called Don’t look back into the sun.. have fun´╗┐

  13. popochadeperro

    ching´╗┐ chon chunn gong

  14. SoulSwapMusic

    Tell me isit cruel or kind not too speak my´╗┐ mind


    peteb doherty makes me want to learn guitar´╗┐

  16. i’m cry´╗┐ 51:52

  17. i´╗┐ can.

  18. i agree… i have been looking for and trying to sort out getting a canvas or some such for ages of them sharing the mic and looking at each other like´╗┐ that <3

  19. Libertines – Don’t look back´╗┐ into the sun

  20. This is my first time hearing´╗┐ their music… … … and I like it.

  21. TheLastFraudster


  22. Great show. really good. Paddy was still with´╗┐ the band at that point.

  23. music´╗┐

  24. what´╗┐ was the music like?

  25. <3´╗┐