The Offspring perform ‘Self Esteem’ at Reading Festival 2011,BBC

Apollo Competition Video Rating: four / five

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  1. ForestDweller80

    Why the fuck do these faggot morons have 3 guitarists playing the same exact thing. Jesus Christ it pains me that these guys are from my area. Dexter probably intoxicated over his disgusting anal hot sauce.

  2. Tom Costerton

    Was so drunk and stuck in mud, awesome show!

  3. Bereziuki1234

    pause at 1:18, think we were the reason you were completely crush at the front, cant see it tht well on tht vid but this pit was like the length of the stage at one point :L

  4. damn, well, i hope you’re able to work something out 🙂

  5. lol Don’t apologise, I’m a fan as well. Shame I don’t think I’ll have the money to go this year D:

  6. lol sorry, just asked cause sum 41 was there 02 and 03, and they’re one of my fav bands.

  7. I’m afraid not. I’ve only been there 2011. I would have only been 9 or 10 years old 2002/2003 lol

  8. o shit you were there? can i ask if you were there 2002 or 2003?

  9. plus, alot of people at the front were there for bands that were coming on later. I stood from 11ish to 10 that night just to wait for MCR, and I know the offspring but at that point they totally weren’t worth mine, or anybody around me, spending their energy on.

  10. that’s very true

  11. so glad i saw vaccines insted of these :L

  12. i have seen them twice they are good live

  13. hopfenmalzbier

    nice song

  14. Thought the crowd was great for the Offspring at Leeds. Best pit of the weekend imo, really opened up in the middle and I loved every minute of it.

    Agree that noone really moved for Deftones.

  15. saw them at reading fest 2005 when they were second headliners on the mainstage and they fucking ripped it, thefieldwas packed, crowd was mental and the whole energy was intense. Oh and they fired marshmallows into the crowd with cannons cos they said we looked under nourished, it was hilarious. Was at leeds fest this year and i cant believe how much the crowd pussied out, was the same with deftones to echo others on here: shame on you leeds/reading!

  16. timewasterfilmz

    The Best Band Ever!!!!

  17. lechpremium100

    They were amazing there! Visually too.

  18. electroliteg1

    To be fair, given the shit state of the sound on the Main Stage at Reading, if you were more than 25 people back you probably couldn’t hear anything

  19. Just cause you couldn’t move doesn’t mean you couldn’t of sang louder.

  20. Yeah, couldn’t move around my area, there were streams of mud that everyone was getting stuck in. Luckily it all dried up!


  22. yeah . . . lol

  23. 2:32 WAS ME!! Im from New Zealand, had to come to England to see them!!

  24. edjorthebeast

    I thought these guys split… I guess not… Offspring FTW!

  25. Holy shit they’re getting old