The Rolling Stones – Glastonbury 2013

Apollo Pageant Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. WBC Packaging

    The office has slowly started coming back from their mad holidays,so as a
    goodwill I will remind them the good times

  2. Martijn Scholtens

    The Rolling Stones played legendary Glastonbury this weekend for the first
    time in their 50 year + career! Amazing reviews, one of the best gigs ever
    on the festival! Thanks +Mark Berendsen for the tip!

  3. The Rolling Stones


  4. Dionysis Zaglis
  5. Awesome!!!!!!!!

  6. Post the whole set please!

  7. killer axe Ron!

  8. Marc Adelaide

    best gig ever

  9. OrangePopRecords

    Like someone said here before “GLASTONBURY GIRL” video PLEASE!!!!!!

  10. Evodio García

    IIt’s only rock and roll … but I like it! (I’m following them for more
    than 40 years)

  11. It’s you.

  12. That’s right, we HAVE TO hear “Glastonbury Girl”

  13. Rollingstones1963

    All be it short but sweet…but I never can get enough of The Rolling
    Stones. True love lasts a lifetime ❤

  14. The Best R’n’R Band in The World!!!

  15. long live the stones!

  16. Dharma Beach Bum

    Awesome. Time is apparently on The Stones’ side. Hope they release this
    show on DVD.

  17. I was here!

  18. roger rogerson

    Greatest band in history just gave a lesson to every imposter and
    pretender. The Stones can never be touched. Thank fuck for The Stones!

  19. Matias Schulze

    tumbling dice

  20. AbeniSisterSnake

    Congratulations & Good Luck for Glastonbury Festival!

  21. where’s the complete show I at least 60 minutes on youtube a day ago fuckin
    Mick take it off for not gettin payed?

  22. Groovy- Glastonbury! After all these years finally, Stones do Glastonbury!
    Watching from afar- Go Stones! !

  23. Mick sings rock well. He’s been at it long time. Great Vocals- Voice
    -control, projection and strength= Still Strong! Lyrics, Dynamics,
    Expression, Rhythm, Passion, Delivery- Excellent! Feel he loses breath bit
    more often than when he was younger, in voice sustain. However, He jumps
    around a lot on stage and that I can understand, though he is still very
    fit! Most of all, Mick loves performing and singing!

  24. perfectlyjust

    lol. got to agree. i always imagine if it was my grandad on stage – cringe

  25. No Bill Wyman? I knew he wouldn’t be with them in the states, but figured
    they’d have him on some of the big occassions such as this.