The Specials V Festival Amy Winehouse (RIP)

Apollo Pageant Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. give me back her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. RIP amy!!!

  4. What the hell has that got to do with anythin??? My ex was Bipolar and she used to grin like a Cheshire cat most of the time. People what suffer from Bipolar Disorder dont look miserable all the time!!

  5. Well he is bipolar, I think he’s allowed to.

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  7. Terry Halls Terry Blair And Anouchka single Ultra Modern Nursery Rhymes is back up! Great Kids Animation!

  8. I wish she wasnt ruing it all with her fancy bent notes. Ugh. It’s horrible.

  9. I see Terry Hall still has a face like a slapped arse.

  10. she looks so better now! i love her so much.
    thank you god, for this singer! i love her so much.

  11. Amy, Amy, Amy… I love you ! You are simply amazing ! I want a new album, pleaseeeeeeeee !!! :X

  12. wtf. amy with specials. this is shit

  13. Amy’s scat singing starting around 2:55 is almost haunting, where she skilfully riffs on the melody behind the band. She is enormously gifted, being able to do this so creatively on the spot. This is a rare talent.

  14. wooooooo sin palabraas  :O

  15. is amy back?

  16. Amy!!!!!!!!
    Quase chorei aki agora!!
    Q saudade de ver ela assim no palco.
    só falta ela agora estar no palco cantando musicas novas do futuro disco… vai ser perfeito!

  17. Watch?v=klPRyGOAeX8

  18. Amy is far too good for the lkes of The Stones The Specials Charlotte Church or Paul Weller etc..
    She should get rid of Ade,Heshima and his brothe Zalon as they hold her back by being clowns on stage,Her band are GREAT.
    Amy is far too good and her best work has be early or acoustics{07 was a good live year though}.
    When it’s just Amy she is FAR better

  19. Love the Amy’ high notes on 2:57 she wasn’t able to sing them for a long time live. She’s back on track!

  20. thatianaterra

    thanks God, u bring her back!

  21. you don’t need to be past 20 to appreciate ska.

  22. just sincerely hope she keeps it up, she is one of those people who are special musically

  23. I can’t stop watching this, I’m so happy to see her like this again! GO GIRL!!

  24. AMYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! <3
    ich hätte echt NIE gedacht, dass sie mal wieder so gut sein könnte... ich bin ja jetzt ein jahr fan, aber in letzter zeit nicht mehr weil man von ihr musikalisch echt nix mehr von ihr gehört hat. wenn sie so weiter macht, muss ich meine poster nicht wie geplant abreißen, die bleiben an der wand ;D

  25. TheHamburglar91

    AHHHHHHHHHH OMGG!! She looks great and sounds great!! I love love love love love herr!