The Strokes perform ‘Machu Picchu’ at Reading Festival 2011 – BBC

Apollo Competition Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. lastortugasviejas

    A product to advertise.

  2. This reminds me of my holiday in 2011 in Tunisia. So basically, it reminds me of famine and shitty water. Rock and Roll.

  3. FIFA!!!

  4. фифа, ок?

  5. Porn`s on the rise,psycho`s in disguise !

  6. mixed plaboys with pychos

  7. best song on the record i reckon!

  8. i don’t know about reading, but they were terrible at Leeds!

  9. TheAstynomosSainis

    A lot of mistakes in the lyrics…

  10. d exo tienen q vnir a PERU

  11. ESPERO QUE THE STROKES llegue a nuestro PAIS PERÚ para dedicarnos tan hermosa canción Y TODOS EN EL ESTADIO NACIONAL COREARLA yeahhh

  12. Benfanbeatles

    The Stokes??

  13. i like the strokes

  14. “Machu Picchu” , tema inspirado en nuestra hermosa ciudadela inca… <3 Peru <3

  15. plasticworld96


  16. LaunchpakMcQuack

    why you should never gig drunk

  17. This performance was dissapointing as hell.

  18. They let me down, saw them at IOW’10 and they were insane and then I saw them at Reading and they were absolutely dreadful.

  19. Julian sounds like Luke Pritchard in the beginning

  20. sooooooooooo high!

  21. Great song, average band live.

  22. TheMollyWillis

    3:16, my big brother dancing LIKE A BOSS.

  23. Fifa and reading combined. Love it