Thom Yorke – Black Swan | Glastonbury Festival, Pilton UK (3/9)

Apollo Competition Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. i think i saw an interview with thom in the 90’s with some french guy where he said he was “stoned at an airport”.

  2. The sweatband is fucking awesome..

  3. time4ascension

    my favorite thing is always trying to figure out where the hell he is looking

  4. WHY DO PEOPLE CLAP!? and it’s usually out of beat.

  5. yeah thom!

  6. i hate not being thom

  7. love his smile!

  8. Search for “Three Billion Heartbeats – Tonight We’ll Never Die”, similar soundscapes.

  9. Cool man thank you for that ,just hope they dont get into to stronger things.Thom looks like he doesnt need it he’s already there when he is performing .And probably has very good health by the looks and sound,I think he likes a drink tho;).Thanks again.

  10. It’s not important, i don’t even care – i just had the information and saw you asking the question.

  11. i suppose its not really important anyhow?

  12. Ed has mentioned it in a couple of interviews, but here’s a interview with Colin and Ed – talking about weed and how they use it. hightimes(dot)com/entertainment/dressler/457

  13. How do you know if you dont mind me asking?

  14. Radiohead has a strict no hard drugs policy within the band. The only one from the band who has admitted use of drugs is Ed. Ed smokes a lot of weed.

  15. AussiefromleDoubs

    Radiohead fans, how do you like my artwork?
    {click on my name and then videos}

  16. love this one!!!!! my fav from erasers!!!

  17. i was  there 🙂

  18. this is SO cute :D thom <3

  19. Fuck all the haters, I think this sounds epic, I’ll grant you his voice isn’t quite up to Thom’s usual awe inspiring standards but I challenge you to do all that with a single guitar and sing over the top!!! Viva la Thom~ All the way

  20. People in pilton suck. Stfu in future please 🙂

  21. cabritoeduardo

    fuckin claps!!!!!!!

  22. did thom use drugs does anyone reackon?

  23. mynameisDaveRoss

    I’m the biggest thom yorke fan around. but this is pretty bad lol. and he looks terrible. 

  24. to be honest that sounded nothing as good as the recorded version…but the art of this is he performed all this himself and the roughness of the performance!