Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood – Idioteque | Glastonbury Festival, Pilton UK (7/9)

Apollo Pageant Online video Score: four / 5

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  1. Only Johnny Greenwood could pull that BT-Engineer-Troubleshooting-An-Intermittent-Broadband-Connection look

  2. vaughnreese766

    “We’re not scare mongering, this is really happening” – Go to Google, search The Truth Contest, click the first result, begin reading The Present

  3. Thanks!

  4. Splendliferous

    I don’t think it’s a doepfer modular…it might be an Analogue Systems.

  5. hah!

  6. Yahahahahah

  7. Security Buddhists FTW!

  8. tsukiokaloliify


  9. Johnny is like a 50s operator

  10. i see the security is into it 3:15

  11. I wish I was this was Glastonbury Connecticut 🙁

  12. does anyone have the sheet music/tabs for Thom’s piano arrangement of the Lansky sample in this? I’m having trouble figuring it out 🙁

  13. analoguesystem

    Jonny looks like a mad scientist switching around them cables…

  14. that doepfer must be ashamed being among an 808 and a 909…

  15. Ok screw it. I wanna get a fucking Glasto Security when I grow up!! 

  16. MrNuclearGhost

    Actually Jonny is shaking a lemon in the basement videos not Thom, and in this case I’m gonna have to go ahead and say thats totally an orange dude.

  17. greenbuildingimac

    1:37 the one who throwing bottle to the stage is boysband’s fans

  18. GibsonSpecialist

    d’n’p (dick&puss)

  19. GibsonSpecialist

    it’s a lemon, get your fruit right.
    look at the basement videos

  20. blowyaeardrums

    Where do I have my information wrong?

  21. 1:40 Looks like he’s shaking an orange XD

  22. What the hell with the security? What kind of reaction is that? hahah …….. Well ….
    A very very very good performance of Idioteque °!! radiohead

  23. TheMusicDude1997

    obviously u don’t have your information right, hit the books dumbass.

  24. the amount of money I would pay for a studio recording of Idioteque like this could give all of africa mansions