Tinie Tempah performs Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ @ V Festival: Crowd goes crazy!!

Apollo Pageant Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Remember watching this in the tent hungover as anything

  2. damn at pass out, i thought it was tempa t

  3. bring on V FEST 2012!!!!!!!

  4. Amazing crowd! now i want to experience V Fest!

  5. Sexxxxy i’m just saying everything ooopps i hope know one caught on.

  6. Oh God Daaaaaamn……….Man LoL 

  7. Raaa RAAAA

  8. LadyGagaSaqartvelo

    GaGa Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. crogmaeb24109

    maybe tinie tempah and david guetta should make a track together they alwayes jump sky high when they perform XD

  10. i think the best rapper of the UK would be lowkey the real hip-hop and the real rap lowkey hits it

  11. wow!!! awesome!!! 

  12. Sneakbo is better fool!

  13. The Bad Romance bit starts at 6:12

  14. WilliamHasAShotgun

    i feel so…FRISKY

  15. I SMELL A COLLABO!!!!!!!!!

  16. FRISKY SO NICE!!!!

  17. rodrigosalasja

    GAGA IS EVERYWHEEEEERE . SHE IS THE QUEEN OF MUSIC <3 i love tinie tempha btw 😀

  18. PierreStephaneProd

    Shiiiii! This is crazy out the crowd reacts.

  19. FuckinFirstRecon

    Man that gaga cover was fire

  20. Leave the UK bit out and you are spot on!

  21. The thing is… What’s unique about him? Nothing. ¬¬

  22. riccidjofficial

    The crowd didn’t seem bored…

  23. Legend.

  24. un putin de bon rappeur

  25. He doesnt even have to sing the hook, the crowd does it.