V Festival 2010 – Lissie Performs In Sleep exclusively for NME

Apollo Competition Online video Score: four / five

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  1. Islandgrove110

    Thank You 

  2. kasabian – underdog

  3. Islandgrove110

    what is the song playing in the intro?

  4. cisseshairdresser

    So whose just realised he was at V2010 and didn’t go and watch Lissie FFS!


  5. Definitely needs more views. Haven´t seen one performence of her/them which I didn´t like.

  6. DaisiKellermann52

    Grab the audio from this song at thetunify doht cohm.

  7. the new janis!

  8. their bassist does a fine job on drums! (and he’s got badass shades) lol at the little amps =D

  9. in love.

  10. might be time to hire a drummer? LOL

  11. god damit i like her so much

  12. so pretty and talented!