V Festival 2011

Apollo Pageant Video Ranking: five / 5

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  1. 2:12 ”Oh ner ner”

  2. RBproductions10

    Weston is shit, It all Began at hylands.

  3. her laugh at 2:20 is amazing! hahaha 😀

  4. invinceable1986

    no way weston is crap and it’s well small compared to hylands we made weston look like a fate lol

  5. They may be fit as fuck, but they are shit presenters!

  6. Weston shits on hylands

  7. The women presenting this are fit as fuck

  8. MajesticClangers

    Weston kicks Hylands arse

  9. RBproductions10

    Weston = Shit
    Hylands = The Best.

  10. theremainingwhovian

    LOL @the lad at 2:11