Warpaint perform ‘Undertow’ at Reading Festival 2011 – BBC

Apollo Festival Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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  1. Nickmysterthe8th

    How would you know if it was bigger or better lol? Who cares

  2. I’m still impressed at this top comment

  3. jointhemodernworld

    singer. want.

  4. horrorshowbeau

    I had a bigger one when I was watching this live. Better grade too

  5. The bridge at 2:58 sounds a lot like Juan Valdivia’s riifs ( Lead guitar from spanish band Heroes del Silencio)


  7. Lol, Stella and Jenny 0:40 to 0:50 :) This band is amazing!

  8. I was all the way at the back sitting on the grass relaxing. Really chilled time I had listening to them. Second best band I saw that day. Muse was headlining so it’s hard to be top there.

  9. Great band, played one of the best sets that weekend by my reckoning 🙂

  10. independent women.

  11. take me back to reading

  12. Great song, great band. Love the different vocal arrangement at 4.38.

  13. Check the reading leeds festival on the bbc website and they got a 40 minute set.

  14. I only got started listening to Warpaint 2 weeks before the reading festival then in the week leading up realised they were actually there on the sunday. They were my highlight of the weekend,simply mesmerising music and a few friends i took along have also become fans.

  15. Ojala las pudiera ver en Bogotá 🙁

  16. i don’t blame her, i fancy the shit out of her even if she is a lesbian

  17. Jenny is sheer perfection

  18. Yup! Someone else pointed it out to me earlier. Thanks! 😀

  19. – Shannyn Sossamon was their original drummer. If you want to hear the two sisters play together, search the song “I wish that” (this one not by Warpaint).

  20. I was there for this and they were quality and i am now a huge fan of Jenny Lee Lindberg as she is proper hot, she looked a bit like a young meg ryan but better. I also just found out that her sister is Shannyn Sossamon which i never realised and i’ve always thought she was stunning too and thought at the time that Jenny Lee Lindberg looked like her.

  21. great song, but that bass player fancies herself a bit

  22. it’s not in the normal iplayer section, go to the reading and leeds part in music (sorry youtube won’t let me link it) but there are 38.18 minutes of warpaint magic! 😀

  23. The extended highlights are not available in my country 🙁


  25. try again – there’s now 38minutes of their set on the link in the description 🙂