Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Leeds Festival 2009

Apollo Pageant Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. her voice is like double toned or somethin’ hehheh

  2. Brian is too cute! I have a mega nerd crush on him…..

  3. personnotstudying

    there’s something about nick that makes me want to just hug him

  4. gypsyhunter007

    She says umm alot 😛

  5. toomuchtohadel

    if only brian was a little bit chubby that will be perfect on his face

  6. adrienneapocalypse

    jeeze man you can’t even tell karen is half asian.
    But still i <3 her :)

  7. Brian looks uncomfortable. He’s cute though. :3

  8. lmaoo brans hair is nappy xD
    nickk iss sooo damm hott;
    & karen o is pretty kool;

  9. ForgetfulPatriot2

    These guys are awesome!

  10. Aww they seem nice. I thought they would be mean especially the guy in the middle.

  11. mykindsyourkind9

    I love her tshirt.

  12. Karen is so beautiful!!

  13. FunkMastaMegaFlex

    She is awesome as she is HOT!

  14. FunkMastaMegaFlex

    What, 31 is suppose to be old or something. Now if she was 51 and sounded like that and spoke like such, that would be like an immortal chick, or immortally youthful chick.

  15. rainbowsharon14

    karen is sooooo hot
    i love her♥

  16. vickykaulitz4everr

    she has a pretty voice even when her is talking

  17. TheWhiteBandana

    its so weird, my voice sounds very similar to hers when she talks like that (only when im tired like that too)
    XP haha


  19. her voice is so damn scratchy its annoying!!. singing in a rock band must take its tole

  20. trilobite3339

    too cool 4 school

  21. same.

    long, deep and hard.

  22. xXiLLeGaLdRUgXx

    nick zinner 0:39 xD fuck!
    Just woke up an hour ago? Agreed. Look at Brian’s hair xD :3

  23. pulpfictioncompaz

    lets kill em homes I gotcha back. Nobody talks shit about my Karen.

  24. there was a competition for people to design t-shirts for them so perhaps she’s supporting her fans by doing so.