NME Video: The Killers at Leeds Festival

Apollo Festival Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Must be a green day fan.

  2. THATS WHAT SHE SAID AT 1:16!!!!!!!!!!

  3. skitts0fpwnies

    I love you, Brandon. You’re so cute. And hot.

  4. Smallville357

    dont think im a creeper, but im moving to henderson, nevada for this man 🙂 as soon as i finish school 😐 aha

  5. Mrs1Brightside

    he says you know so much in interviews:) thats cute, i love you Brandon-nice jacket 😀

  6. soooo cuuuuute laugh at 1:24 haha

  7. only brandon could ROCK a shiny green emerald jacket with a brown tie.

    he gives guys more options in dress clothes 🙂

  8. this guy is impossible to get!
    he is the perfection!<3

  9. Damn cool jacket Mr. Flowers. :D

  10. How are TK imitating The Cure? Could you explain that one, and don’t say because TK use keyboard synth, its not as if The Cure invented the keyboard.

  11. sillysleepysheep

    He’s so cute here 🙂 Love his jacket

  12. neonmizzoutiger5

    One word- HOT

  13. ADustlandFairytaleXx

    He said LEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS I live 10 minutes from there arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds

  14. haha dave playing in the background :D

  15. Brandon…what do uy mean? :)

  16. MMMMMMMM LOVE Brandon!

  17. VacantOccupation72

    goshh he’s not even trying and he’s a goddess !!!!!!!

  18. He’s looking good here… he needs to get back to this. He’s getting to skinny and tired!

  19. JazzzzzP1234RockNrOl

    “Hello, My Name Is Brandon Flowers And I’m At Leeeeds” Hahaha Lol. He’s Is Soooooooo Hot 🙂

  20. Hes not normal…….. Ive noticed.

  21. <3
    Absolute love.

  22. you rock brandon we love you!!

  23. loooooooove Brandon <3333  🙂

  24. What do you mean ?