The Killers – Mr Brightside – Reading & Leeds Festival 08

Apollo Pageant Online video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Best song that’s ever been made. Fact.

  2. Wow.

  3. nicolacheetham2610

    Still gives me goosebumps watching this knowing i was in that crowd 😀

  4. It’s insane!! There I am!! 1:48 mins ‘it was only a kiss’ haha, and again at the end!! i stood there for 11 hours, mental!! amazing.

  5. epic song.

  6. It Would Mean A Lot To Me If Anyone,Someone,Someone Like You Checked This Out And Told Me What You Think
    youtube / watch?v=eaxLXf5Twj4


  8. It was only a kiss girl — you are lovely

  9. I got chills throughout this performance.

  10. failure. hey yah is up there. but mr brightside is way bettter

  11. Second only to Hey Yah-Outkast 😛

  12. Next year, They should get The Killers to play at the superbowl

  13. best song of the decade.

  14. It was only a kiss

  15. the killers are a band that sound amazing live aswell

  16. i would cry so much if i saw this live

  17. this song is the bomb…NICE! LOVE THIS SONG

  18. WOW

  19. esa es mi cancion favoriat y love the killers

  20. bring the back the stache!

  21. This is absolutely phenomenal!  The energy pours into you as you watch this – simply EPIC!

    The Killers, over the last 5 years have come from playing small gigs in Vegas to headlining Leeds, Royal Albert Hall, and on, and on! They have some of the most awesome song-writing of my generation – great musicianship and perform INCREDIBLY live…that is what makes them so good. They are a true original – you cannot really classify them as one thing and the hooks and melodies are mesmerizing!

  22. Holy moly! This is an AWESOME live performance!!!

  23. the killers FTW

  24. Hope they play at leeds this year
    I love the killers