V Festival 2012

Apollo Pageant Video Ranking: 4 / five

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    Amazing headliners and sub headliners (snow patrol headlined T)…. Everything else not so good apart from a few bands here and there. 

  2. V Festival > Leeds

  3. mdma hahaha yeman!!!!

  4. fab

  5. whydoyouwastemytimee

    The Killers!


  7. selling a v fest ticket (brought off the real website, i also how proof of it) weekend camping at western park, £240.. find me on facebook if your interested …Ellie Feighan

  8. Same, I wanna see Noah and The Whale, Stone Roses, The Killers, Snow Patrol etc… but not Rizzle Kicks, Nicki Minaj and Example… how can they even put Snow Patrol next to Tinie Tempah!?!?

  9. yeah man its going off get the mdma ready !!! look 4 a multi coloured Mohawk say yes willis

  10. Going for Keane, The Stone Roses, The Killers, Noel Gallagher and Snow Patrol!

  11. Snow Patrol 2nd from last. Absofuckinglutely outrageous!

  12. 90s reunion MAD FOR IT!!!

  13. what makes red better than yellow?

  14. V festival red camp > life itself

  15. line looks like it doesnt know what its doing, i want to go see stoen roses, noel gallagher, happy mondays, inspiral carpets and miles kane but dont really want to go to a festival with rizzle kicks and ed sheeran

  16. Where’s Newton!?

  17. So the Rifles are playing now?

  18. got tickets. But fuck that line up. Wish i was old enough for creamfields.

  19. inception

  20. You say that as if its a bad thing…

  21. Reading/Leeds or Creamfields > V Fest

  22. it’s the inception soundtrack

  23. forever crying…august 18th is gonna be my 16th birthday…and i’m over here in texas

  24. I wish I could go….

  25. got tickets red camping cant wait to go again this year woooo