Glastonbury Tickets Sold Out in Record Time

Michael and Emily Eavis announced a complete sell out of all Glastonbury tickets within 1 hour and 40 minutes, which set a new record!

After a year’s gap, the annual ritual of the youth of England drew a huge demand for tickets and a jammed website. There were 135,000 weekend tickets that was priced at £205 went out swiftly than ever. Though there were some technical glitches which caused delays after the sale started at 9 am. A few minutes passed 10:40 am; the official twitter feed of the Glastonbury festival brought out the message of the record sell out and provided a link to another message from the organizers Michael Eavis and Emily Eavis, his daughter.

Though after the huge sell out, a small amount of tickets will be put for resale in April from those who paid the initial £50 deposit but then change their mind. Emily Eavis confessed that the entire sale process had been very hectic especially during the final half hour when the customers encountered a technical problem and it had to be sorted out and after which 70,000 tickets were bought. Emily has had her sleepless nights over whether she will be able to sell the tickets as fast as it is demanded. She stated that there will be some improvements made next year so that people get to avail the tickets faster without delay. The decision has been made after the sell out exceeded the supply even after the whole morning passed.

The unique thing about this festival is that the ticket holders are not given any hint as to which artists or bands will be performing since the lineup is yet to be completed – though whoever plays they know they will have a great time in the party atmosphere. This has helped in attracting a huge crowd as people are curious about what the organizers will offer this time. Emily argues, “Some people come here not just for music, it’s a platform where cultures mix. Thus we make sure that we keep tickets for all those people who come for a lot more other than music.” Emily also refrained from giving any distinct clues about who will be performing next year she only left a subtle cue – “better things are about to arrive”. Emily adds that people expect renowned performers on stage so people might have a treat to listen to the Rolling Stones play since they haven’t performed before. However, there is no confirmation yet.


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