Keane – Somewhere Only We Know (Live V Festival 2009) (High Quality video) (HD)

Apollo Festival Video Score: four / 5

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  1. Gosto muito dessa musica,grande sucesso.

  2. markmcmahon100

    i have met all of them twice 🙂 they are really great people

  3. fender29111992

    where are you from?

  4. We dont care if you cant sing or you can sing it doesn’t matter. Take a deep breath and sing this song as loud as you can for us.

  5. This music makes me remember a good, good, good friend that past away 7 years ago with only 27 years, made 2 months before.
    I used it to make a dvd with photos of him after his death and i stoped listening to this music, til now. I finished hearing this 3 times in a row and my reaction was… a smile with “saudade”.

  6. go keane youre best play song in the world gb represent

  7. TheSupersonicLiam

    Magnificent performance by a great band

  8. MrTrendyQwerty

    Cant wait till V Fest 2012!!! <3

  9. Irken98798998

    just saw these guys live in slc utah. absolutly loved it

  10. Sure. “Is it any wonder” sounds exactly like “She has no time”. And “Spiralling” is like “Bedshaped” 2.0. Seriously…

  11. It’s Jason Segel!! =)

  12. I’m so with you. I’d do almost anything legal and moral to get tickets.

  13. Tim, come on, you can be crazier than that!

  14. good voice but they need some decent songs, they all sound the same,predictable stuff.

  15. :’C chatiado 2.0 ~ preciso ir pro rio!

  16. paulloalves10

    1:23 – Childrens in England are sooo awesome! 😀

  17. Will be seeing Keane at the Merrium in Philly tomorrow night.
    It is not lost on me that I will be seeing one of the finest live acts around…in an intimate setting like the Merrium. 

  18. It’s small consolation, for the most part, believe me. I do love the song, though.

  19. does anyone have the full show of keane live ? would love to go see them this year at v festival

  20. This could be the end of everything. So why dont we go somewhere only we know where.

  21. dreamaydancer

    absolutely breathtaking *___*
    i wish so hard i could stand there in the crowd, just sing and forget everything, even if it is just one moment. <3

  22. tiffanyfaith1214

    i wish i was there

  23. susannagarside

    alright then, people of v
    we dont care if you can’t sing or you can sing, it doesn’t matter
    take a deep breath, and sing this song as loudly as you can for us

  24. Ugh i wish i lived in Britain, most people in America are annoying :l

  25. Littlehoney015

    the audience :O -3