Paramore – Live at Reading And Leeds Festival 2010 (FULL SHOW)

Apollo Festival Video clip Score: five / 5

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  1. Parame is a Band!

  2. this setlist is SOOO short… hope they’ll play more songs this year!

  3. I loved how EVERYONE started going crazy in Let The Flames Begin…even Josh.

  4. ThalesMoonteiro

    Epic performance, paramore melhor banda que ja existiu, We Are Paaramoreeee S2

  5. ChaseTheRainOfficial

    Hey, we are a band from England called “ChaseTheRain” and Paramore is one of our main influences. We would hugely appreciate it if you could check out our page, it would mean alot. Thank you! 😀

  6. Can anyone tell me which bands were on that show?

  7. michaelashmore1

    I would die if I saw Paramore at Reading… Oh wait I AM!!

  8. TheBlackBloodParade

    are you going for the whole weekend or just the friday?

  9. TheBlackBloodParade

    SAME -high five-

  10. TheBlackBloodParade


  11. TheBlackBloodParade

    i might be going this year 😀 OH GOD I SO WANT TO

  12. laurawantsagander

    BOOOOM.. going this year! Co-headliners = longer set! ARGHHHH!

  13. Let the flames begin wass definately the BEST SONG of the whole night
    Especially the ending “Oh Father, oh Father, Father well I am ready,
    won’t you let it begin, cause I am here now,
    I want to dance in, the mighty palm of your hand.” It was so Chilling, the Outro and Hayley were just sooooo Beautiful that i nearly cried :’ ) i wish i had been can tell she put in so much effort, her voice broke, it was just so RAW! Truely the best song i’ve heard Hayley Willams sing to date. 😀

  14. leopard print coat 🙂


  16. yardenbenbassat98

    this is just… wow!

  17. man…i wuld’ve loved to hear a fourth album with the farros

  18. what is the name of the song ??

  19. Joseff Williams

    yeah I hope so!:)

  20. 23:42


  21. R u not able to go?? Oh well hopefully they’ll be touring once they get this new album out and u’ll get to see em 🙂

  22. Hayley is Perfect ♥

  23. ActingWithWierdos

    2:54 attempt 3:19 succeed

  24. xxxEPICGURLxxx

    LOL, they seem to cheer louder when she flashed her boobs.