Lady GaGa – Just Dance (Live at V Festival 2009) [23/08/09]

Apollo Pageant Online video Score: four / 5

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  1. I would miss these days if I werent totally in love with her right now and I prefer to see her evolving than stuck in a style just because everybody loves it. Her changes and inovations are what maker her a visionary and the future of music. She was cool, but she wouldnt be as big as she’s right now if it werent for these changes that everybody complains so much about.

  2. the bitch at the beginning is always shading gaga. lord, she needs to get over herself.

  3. whuuut u crazy thats a fucking incredible performance!!! gaga rockss v festival

  4. Иван Айдушин

    very bad perfomance 

  5. You can tell she’s getting a bit bored with just singing songs like ‘Just Dance’ at this point. She’ll have written most of the Fame Monster by this point and the way she performs this tells me she’d probably prefer to be singing songs from that album aha <3

  6. She is performing it but not with the energy that she used to. I really miss this Gaga- the passion, the energy, the songs….

  7. i love the way she back then had a tiny scenary and now she has a whole castle just for her concerts <3
    GO GAGA!

  8. her whole style just keeps changing so fast. miss these days though

  9. Her voice! It is magnificent. Love her, and always will!

  10. I love Gaga untill today but i miss her in this way so much ='( The Fame era was the best <3

  11. miss candy warhol tune it’s a superb tune 🙂

  12. whats that tune at the start?

  13. I don’t agree, she’s still performing Just Dance (and will on the next) on her shows, isn’t she, she’s still the same, but she must change for the better! 😀

  14. DigitalOrangeSimon

    wish she’d go to V this year 🙁 x

  15. not autotune, playback

  16. stupid bitches at the beginning.

  17. littlemonster4299

    she is singing…but there is always song played behind.. but she is singing!!!!!! <333

  18. I know she never does 🙂 Thanks!

  19. that is called autotune… the udio version is being played in the background while the singer is awaym the mic or while she pauses..she never lipsynch

  20. i love Mother Monster so much, but this looks like playback tbh. I hope not because I want to believe her but this looks fake :/ check 4:06 and sometimes she stops singing while we still hear her voice…

  21. darksamussuperfan

    can someone tell me where i can get a jacket like that???? it just so awsome!!!

  22. I LOVE 3:30 – 4:37

  23. i love the lipstick on her microfone

  24. Of course she’s singing! Lady Gaga never lipsyncs

  25. its time to change dude.. we must to be strong! she is doing all this for us.. kk from venezuela!