Leeds Festival 2010 – Two Door Cinema Club

Apollo Competition Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. thanks NME!

  2. Finding a devoted Muse and Two Door Cinema Club fan. Wow, we are a rare breed lol 🙂

  3. The concert Im going to is on a monday in september 🙁 so I cant stay after too meet them because of school.

  4. don’t look back into the sun by the libertines

  5. what’s the song at the beginning??

  6. DavidTennantLover7

    SAME! I love Muse and Two Door Cinema Club more than life! <3

  7. you have a sad life then

  8. UnnaturallySelected

    I’ve seen Muse 4 times and TDCC 3 times. I’m going to the London Roundhouse in March to see TDCC again. I got my tickets in the pre-sale at 8:55 :’)
    And I’ve met TDCC, they’re the most lovely amazing beautiful people ever! It wasn’t even a quick 5 minutes either. We were like the only people there meeting them and we were with them for well over half an hour. I have some great stories from that. Best day of my whole life.

  9. Same same same 😀 I saw Muse at Wembley a few weeks ago and at the 02 Arena in the UK last year… best gigs ever. I’m getting tickets to the TDCC Roundhouse gig, can’t wait for it! 😀

  10. UnnaturallySelected

    I certainly am. Two Door Cinema Club and Muse are my life! Thank you :’)

  11. I think you’re a Muse fan from the name? 😀 Also good taste in music on both the Muse and Two Door front if you are a Muse fan 🙂

  12. Fesselgeschirr

    i wished, tdcc would play a private concert in my house 🙂

  13. xxChocolateMalteaser

    I LOVE these guys !!

  14. los amo son lo mejor TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB!!!

  15. UnnaturallySelected

    TDCC > life

  16. lets make this happen giiiirl….lalalaaaaaa…god i love this song.

  17. Audio’s not great. Singer might as well have done the song by himself.