Leeds Festival 2010 – You Me At Six Interview

Apollo Festival Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. cliffyrules123

    I’m looking forward to seeing these at leeds fest this year!

  2. Dan mentioned Detroit Warped! I think that’s the first time it’s ever gotten credit(:

  3. come back to new zealand i was too little to go when you came 🙁

  4. MCRToxicLightning

    ‘Oh, alright, let’s go work at Tesco’s’ we’d never let that happen Josh 😉

  5. TheKindaCoolNerd

    Y u no marry me josh

  6. NeverGiveUp11Valeria

    Josh & Dan merry us?

  7. simpleplanfan27

    Dan, marry me?

  8. I love Dan 🙂

  9. I almost died in their crowd. Some ginger guy stood on my head and I was on the floor like ‘argh this is mint!’
    It was mentaaaaaaaaaal oh my gosh! <3

  10. sigridhysteria

    fairy dust… oh Daniel, you funny lad :’)

  11. mishmoshgetlost

    there always so happy it makes me feel the same!
    i love josh’s accent!:D<3

  12. emily1celebfan

    ‘we’ll go work in Tescos’…. he can serve me at the checkout anyday!!!!! <33

  13. I LOVE Josh, major obsession + I love how happy they are to be playing for everone, they’re so amazing <3

  14. HelloSunshineWeekend

    fucking DETROITTT! :) I worked for them there. 😀

  15. tiddlywinks98712

    great intro song, shame about the band interviewed

  16. Josh, why are you so damn cute! Marry me 😀 haha. I love YMA6 I feel in love with them when they opened for Paramore and saw them again in Manchester Acdamey and i Canny wait for them to open for Blink 182 I bought my tickets the second they went on sale 🙂 such a good bad, I remember when they played my hometown and they were just a local band <3 love them :') such a proud fan 🙂

  17. TalentfreiMiriam

    I could watch this over and over again and so I DO watch it over and over again since MONTHS 😀 love the beginning and josh’s smile and how dan’s grining 😀

  18. God i hope they play at T in the Park 2011!!

  19. wud love to see josh work at tescos tbh that wud be so funny hehe 🙂 <3 you josh

  20. SuperAndrew411

    Okay the foreplay thing was a good point :P

  21. i did not say they did.
    also, I’m entitled to an opinion if I’m paying good money to see blink, yet I have to stay through an hour and a half of bs before the good stuff.
    It’s like foreplay… only not as interesting.

  22. SuperAndrew411

    Well obvisously blink 182 dont think they`re tools so keep your opinion to yourself.

  23. cant believe these tools are supporting blink 182…. joke.

  24. homie down. xD

  25. I’m seeing them, in london hammersmith apollo, its actually going to be Epic. =]