MUSE – Glastonbury Festival(2010)

Apollo Pageant Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. Michael Bakker

    we all want that

  2. i had in my bucket list go to a glanstonbury festival

  3. Affentittengeil…

  4. Affentittelgeil…

  5. Carlibengarli


  6. oh no butterflies ;-(

  7. hmm sound recording could be better, wouldn’t you say

  8. Chris is my hero is so many ways.

  9. brutal

  10. Kevin Verrept

    Well…talk about owning a festival

  11. Someday I’m gonna play Stockholm Syndrome in front of a packed crowd. Some fucking day.

  12. winchestercullen

    I was there, It was my 21st birthday present from my mum and Godfather….. Best night of my life…. they were epic and by far the best band i’ve ever seen live

  13. How can you even compare Muse and Arctic Monkeys live shows? (and I’m a huge Monkeys fan)

  14. Knights of cydonia is so fucking epic live!

  15. Teletubbies at 1.11.47 :D

  16. unitedwellfall

    Word. Put a arctic monkey song in a twitard movie too, I’m sure theyll fill stadiums. On another note. I think both bands are fantastic and have great live shows.

  17. magicnerdizzle

    muse are a amazing

  18. 39:30 XD no coments,

  19. and that´s how you compare them? you know lady gaga? 😀

  20. they “across the world” cause they are getting commercial, you fuck

  21. patrickdasimpkin

    popularity does not define quality.

  22. watched the whole thing… my god. i want to remember it all but i just can’t, it was too amazing.

  23. Classic. Thanks for posting. :-)

  24. This just came up on my recommended, and was like, I WAS THEREEEE. Watched it, and realised that i had forgot why i was screaming crying and sweating all at once at the front. IT was AMAZING. the backdrop, crowd, it just looks like the best live gig I’ve ever seen, Then you got the music…. And p.s. I was at the front. in the middle. oh yes.