Muse – Invincible – Live Reading Festival 2006

Apollo Pageant Online video Score: four / five

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  1. city of delusion and assassin too!

  2. or Ashamed,yes please, futurism, space dementia, hyper music, etc. trust me i know my muse! ;D

  3. Check out the bass on like ummm Dark Shines, Times is Running out, and others.
    They are awesome.

  4. Always sounds better live!

  5. I WAS THERE! 😀

  6. hes Amazing! very underated i think people just think hes good cuz of hysteria but theres so many other songs where the bass is just phenominal!

  7. Hmm… I wouldn’t doubt! There’s one where he’s playing a bass that’s out of tune, and Matt glares at him, just as he quickly adjusts it when he plays an open string… lol.

  8. If not better…..

  9. haha yea doesnt he do that mid song tuning at the end of stockholme syndrome?

  10. Well the only thing surprising me is that Chris didn’t quickly tune it in mid song like he usually does… I guess it’s because he knew it couldn’t be done in a single shot!

  11. yea i see that to maybe the techs didnt tune it right before the show….

  12. Sounds out of tune before the bridge too…

  13. chris’s bass sounds out of tune in the solo to me ?

  14. 4:18 eargasm…..

  15. LemonOnATable

    4:47 never fails to make my heart go mad 😀

  16. Matt is so talented it’s just sickening

  17. such a beautiful song

  18. … santana, and cool it, go easy on the insults

  19. yeah you’re retarded. im not talking about easy shit like purple haze. listen to his albums all the way through. he was he best blues player. the only one to rival him was srv. ill my left nut on it

  20. Hendrix is not the best guitar player ever, without a doubt, he was probably the most inspiring though

  21. im talking about his guitar playing ability because he was compared to hendrix. hendrix didn’t write all my favorite songs on the planet but the dude was probably the best player ever. i get you can take something simple and make it sound good. all i said he’s not the guitar god you guys put him off to be. so have fun not giving a shit about an argument i never made to begin with along with the rest of the world.

  22. I just love how Matt and entire world doesn’t really care. the song sounds awesome and that’s all what matters. Matt is a creative person using what is available to create unique sounds. he didnt have any of those and listen to showbizz sound. Jimi was also creative what wut he had. both understand music in a different way and both are from 2 different areas of the world with different goals and ideas. comparing them just doesn’t make sense and pointless. thank you

  23. not so….

  24. only matt would…