The Strokes – Live at the Reading Festival, London, England [2002-08-23]

Apollo Festival Online video Score: five / five

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  1. Julian puked before this show! hahaha

  2. BrandonHeilBHB

    Its Guided By Voices, they’re good friends of The Strokes, they’re in the Someday music video and Albert Hammond covers one of their songs in his solo stuff 🙂

  3. SheriffJohnBrown123

    whats the song at the start they come on to?

  4. strokesfan1107

    yeah, bob pollard is intensely prolific. he has an entire profile of solo music that I haven’t heard a note of, but am looking to forward to hearing once I’ve the money!

  5. Also the guy who gave jules his bday cake is robert pollard, the singer of that band.

  6. hellohelloveromica

    What a wonderful birthday he must have had

  7. CaptainGalacticMusic

    GREAT song!

  8. Thank you for uploading this! it made my day! 

  9. Reading isn’t in London, granted it is near it but still 40 miles away. I should know I live there

  10. strokesfan1107

    hey, my pleasure! there’s nothing greater than connecting people with music they enjoy

  11. jaiboceleste22

    thank you!! it’s the great song

  12. strokesfan1107

    it’s Guided By Voices song called “Back to the Lake”

  13. meuscoversindie

    the way it is

  14. jaiboceleste22

    which is the intro song??

  15. tomasjurcenko

    Such a pity couldn’t find this one anywhere for download…

  16. good 🙂

  17. i don’t hate it!

  18. what happened to hte

  19. I still haven’t answered your question I guess. I got some from Soulseek and Kazaa (old school). There used to be a room in Soulseek called “Last Nite” and that’s where i met some fellows with a huge Strokes collection. Practically every show from 02-04 both audio and some video so I just grabbed a few. I don’t know what happened to those guys….

  20. thank you so much! these are all over the fansites now 😉

  21. We’ve always had them. Youtube recently allowed certain users to upload videos with no limitations. I have all of these shows on my HD and rushed to see which shows were already up but the only one I had that wasn’t up was the 2004 KROQ Weenie Roast performance. Check it out!

  22. Where did all these full shows come from all of a sudden?? This is fantastic!!!!