Radiohead – The National Anthem (Live @ Reading Festival 2009)

Apollo Festival Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. pretty good, needs horns

  2. He’s visible at like 56 secs in. He’s standing next to the drummer

  3. where is the bass player, cameras????

  4. Mrseparator92

    Colin’s head shaking is so cool!!

  5. I cannot express how much I agree with this statement.

  6. Yes and no 🙂 I was saying this because of Thom’s posture from 1:30 to 2:05 ,look at him strangely wiggling :p

  7. supersamonhalo

    You’re on drug aren’t you?!

  8. My dream concert:
    The Mars Volta with Radiohead.

  9. Please Thom, go to pee. You need it !

  10. rabbitsandcarrots

    FUCK, this is GOOD. wish it was louder. i forget how much i love what Ed does in this song.


  12. WalterSobchak1000

    Ed is class

  13. mussman717word

    Ed O’Brien is the man.

  14. Does everyone notice thom singing the horn part?

  15. Needs more BASS

  16. They’re just so badass. There’s no other way to put it. They all are the baddest mother fuckers on earth.

  17. HelterSkelterSOR

    he has a sustainer pickup on his guitar. 

  18. how does ed always get this endless sustain? is it a kinda chorus/reverb thing? he obviously doesn´t use an e-bow..

  19. jonny plays the radio very well

  20. this just pretty much warped my mind. the 15th time i’ve watched this today lol!

  21. I love how they sped up the tempo. Just about shat myself when I heard this. It’s amazing.

  22. when the camera was motioning around them, that was pretty fucking sick

  23. I have a doubt, is this the national anthem of United Radioheads???

  24. ed reminds me of dr. who/dr. house in this video. i’d say he’s pretty genius too.