[DVD] Radiohead – V Festival 2006 [Full Concert]

Apollo Festival Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. weather he realised the bloke in the audience done perfect harmony to street spirit!

  2. Nothing wrong with being at the back that’s where I was and had a great time. Got every one going but was the only one going mental to 2+2=5 ?

  3. sorry 1 more comment I was there & it’s so good to see it again on download!! And I realise my last comment about strikes is well out of date but i have had a lot to drink,but it’s a perfect listen when your in this state!!! keep it going my friend.

  4. who cares about the strikes keep doing what your doing it’s the best thing on you tube bring it on Mr Austin!!!

  5. Ironically a video of The Futureheads performing on an MTV show. I uploaded it in 2006, but it would appear that the strike is gone now :).

  6. what was your first strike for? i didn’t know they gave people three chances… i thought it was random, since youtube is a corrupt system 😛

  7. Erm…the torrent site is reporting as having too many registered users and won’t let me register. Any chance of getting me a link or copy of this gig somehow?? would be more appreciated than I could express……

  8. You my friend are star. remember being at the gig but dont quite if you get my gist. Also remember having to stand at the back due to not quite being able to muster the gusto to broach the crush of a crowd. many thanks.

  9. I was at the following night a stafford…Brilliant!!!

  10. superwiicrazy

    so fucking special

  11. this is imense!! I was at the stafford one, stood for 11 hours to be at the very front and oh my god it was amazing!! thom yorke is a legend, all hail radiohead!!

  12. The thought that I stand in front of the band and listen them makes my shiver.

  13. i agree the cam man his my hero!

  14. yeahyeahyaha2

    dude what’s sync?

  15. Has anyone noticed Radiohead are compleatly out of sync and are having technical faults all the way through? (except for Creep which is the best ive seen on You Tube)

  16. great first radiohead gig

  17. thk very very much

  18. Interesting to hear an early version of Bodysnatchers.

  19. austin dont lose your account… we need you

  20. interesting no drum pause in national anthem. as most uk festivals by radiohead,very good performance

  21. great recording, great setlist. Great job, austinbrock!

  22. 2 + 2 = 5
    AustinBrock + YouTube = Legend

  23. wwwjolebolecom

    Thx a Million 😉

  24. The info contains a link to the torrent for the DVD :).

  25. wwwjolebolecom

    The cameraman who shot this entire concert deserves a medal LOL> I couldn’t imagine how hard was to record a whole concert with a camera ni the air. WELL DONE!! Any chance of uploading the original video somewhere for all the Radiohead fans ? I will upload it on my website as a mirror. Thx again.