Lady GaGa – LoveGame (Live at V Festival 2009) [23/08/09]

Apollo Festival Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. 2:52 <3

  2. billysandsquirrel

    She looks gorgeous

  3. FrozenStrawberries14

    It’s not reversed, it’s censored because she swears several times at that point haha

  4. qlaudiaashjkl

    She is so hot!

  5. thisisgagalover

    Like If You Love The SSCCRREAAMMS I cant hear u sexy sexy england

  6. Monsters, we just witnessed the creation of Gaga’s heels shoes

  7. after watching a lot of lives of gaga (and i’ve seen a lot) the best are in England. she’s the most serious when she performs there. I should have got tickets for the BTW ball there and not in Paris. I really can’t wait for when she comes to town.

  8. THE FAME ERA <3<3<3

  9. awwww Gaga pretty 🙂

  10. She rocks! That’s how a pop concert should be, like a fucking rock show.

  11. i love you…soooo much….ladyyyyyyy…

  12. hahah your a true gaga fan….i have watch the V fest set many times and damn she can put out a great show

  13. alexdancer317

    The guy who caught the shoe met Gaga in London a few weeks ago :”””) and told her he’s been a huge fan since then… HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT? :””)

  14. Her voice and performance is excellent.

  15. paws up monsters! this is the shit!!

  16. [DI]sco sti[CK]

  17. It happened at exactly 3:00 when she was jumping because she almost fell. Lol.

  18. It didn’t. 2;24-26 you can see her feet and her left heel was still on.

  19. Who ever swiped out the part where she said “I just did that whole fucking with no heel” is an asshole.

  20. I think I’m in love…

  21. omg SHE S A ROCKSTAR BABE…..shes fucking AMAZING

  22. @ChristianSaad No it’s not censored some parts just come in reverse for some odd reason…she doesn’t even say anything bad…the last thing she said before the video ended was “cause we’re all beautiful and dirty rich!”

  23. MrTrinifather

    This is AMAZING

  24. lastottoman87