Leeds Festival 2010 – A Weekend Of Random Exploits!

Apollo Pageant Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. did you go this year?

  2. best week everrrrrrrr

  3. jaredTHEperson


  4. shit, you’re on to me.

  5. Fair enough dude, cant argue with that 🙂

  6. yeah , i saw them at leeds fest 2007 or 2008, cant remember which one. Cant wait for this gig tho, their new album is pretty good

  7. it’ss Keith Lemun!!

  8. agreed matey, i’m the same, back to work tmora aswell, gutted its all over 🙁 did ya see travis barker upside down!!!!!! tha what! haha x

  9. I only saw 20 mins of them because they clashed with Libertines. I did see them in London last year, but that was before their latest album.

  10. My big bag of green days are over my friend!!

  11. It was brilliant, especially Saturday. I’m still recovering though, hardly slept whilst I was there.

  12. Leeds fest was good, but living in Australia can’t be too shabby either.

  13. countrybumpkinski

    I’m too angry to leave a witty comment. The most amazing bands in the world, some of my all tone favouitr bands, and they’re in Leeds 🙁
    If I hadn’t of moved to Australia, I could go D:

  14. so did ya have a good en dude? got back this morning and i’m gutted its over. was amazing like x

  15. I really like this video, I find hilarious! The piling of things you’ll need is amazing! And I wonder whether it actually takes you soooo long for the tent. 😀 That tent that will be full of beer! xD

  16. Whilst talking about supplies, you forgot to mention a big bag of green

  17. Aaaaa , you mentioned crystal castles, im pissed that i could not go this year just for them, BUT, i got tickets to see them in leeds in october 😀 yesssssssss.

  18. UrbanAirwavesParkour

    NO! leeds is BETTER!

  19. Thanks, I think I’m improving.

  20. That sucks. Fight back and ditch the wedding!!

  21. lmaaaao ”selfish bastardss” !!

  22. StareGlareSilence

    Pretty funny! 🙂 I liked the random piling of things you’d needed to bring with you, and how your friend was apparently sleeping in a sea of beer cans. XD
    Anyway, I suppose one of my favorite festivals I’ve ever been to was a carnival they used to hold every year in a park nearby my house. I brought my best friend as well, and she made me get on a few rides I didn;t care for… :( But it was cool. 🙂

  23. holy crap dude my sis is getting hitched that week so i cant go to FF 2010

  24. 🙂 nicely made video

  25. Pukkelpop this year was SOOOO GOOOOOODDD!!!!!
    Ellie Goulding, Blink-182, Iron Maiden, Placebo, Laura Marling, Local Natives, Fanfarlo, The Low Anthem,Mumford and Sons, Snow Patrol, Kelis, Jonsi and lots of others!
    Lots of fun there!