Lostprophets – Last Train Home (Live,Reading Festival 2004)

Apollo Festival Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. The music is epic and so are the crowd

  2. this is the real LOSTPROPHETS.

  3. I miss lip-pierced Ian. This is such an incredible performance, and I love love LOVE the backdrop.

  4. I’ve watched some festivals now in my time, I’ve been to Reading&Leeds twice (inc when Lostprophets played), and I tell you now- you will NEVER EVER beat this one here.

    Probably the lasty ever R&L Fest without Iphones, Cameras, Poser Kids and weak bands like All Time Low.

    This festival just seemed like a new wave of rock was about to break out, people just got right into it and took the memories home with them.

    My fav Lostprophets gig ever. My oh my how 8 years have fled.

  5. schoonda13295

    true, but i did think next stop atrocity and destroyer were kinda start something-esque.

  6. Ok, yeah, there were some nice songs on that album, although it was not same kind of music as old Lostprophets.

  7. schoonda13295

    i thought the betrayed was actually really decent, let down by the new album though.

  8. 19Livin4Eva91

    the beginning straight gave me the chills.

  9. a true fan will speak the truth. i havent got the latest one, but i do have betrayed. and it was a major letdown.

  10. I like their first two albums and I like their new stuff. In fact, their new stuff doesn’t sound too different from their old stuff. Maybe you don’t like it just because its new.

  11. COOL 😛

  12. Stephanlovesmusic

    I can proudly say I was part of this

  13. fake sound of progress and start something are their best albums…… what they are churning out now is shit. notsureifsrs.

  14. reading fest sucks nowadays just for u18 binge drinkers

  15. +1

  16. Haha no, or have I said that? I’m a true fan of the older stuff. Sorry if “shit” was an overstatement, but they are definitely not as good as the older albums, and I’m a little disappointed with these, actually, talented guys. I still respect them though, and also respect that people like the newer albums.

  17. GudelisNerijus

    you call your self a true fan?

  18. TheProjectAlexander

    True say.

  19. MCRToxicLightning

    This is one of my favourite videos, by the looks of the views it’s everyone elses too! Another 10,000 views in just a few days! 😀

  20. +1

  21. i have never seem a crowd so …doing his job like this one, amazing! and yes start something is so far the best.. from the beginning to the end!

  22. Can’t agree. Start Something is great, Liberation Transmission too. But the last two are shit.

  23. MrVariousmusic

    This crowd is soooo amped. I just recently got into this band. 1st album was like wtf? 2nd album was like ok they’ve found their sound. 3rd album was PERFECTION 4th album was trying something new and 5th album was WE FINNA ROCK DF OUT OF YOU.

  24. i always watch this vid. great perfomance, awesome crowd. 1million 🙂

  25. Pause the video at 1:12 and look at the chubby kid in the front row with red highlights. Now go to Google Images and type in “Fat emo” and look at the second picture… Is it just me, or do they look just alike?