Muse – Plug In Baby – Reading Festival 2006

Apollo Pageant Online video Score: four / five

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  1. kickflipindy78

    not guna happen mate

  2. theyre so good live its unbelievable.Matt,you’ve completely inspired me to play guitar,and i one day hope to be just like you ! 😀

  3. MUSE is the best in the universe

  4. Possibly the only band i know of who sound more amazing live than on the records, something that a lot of musicians these days don’t seem to pay much attention to

  5. hellonoyesyoko

    terror storm 🙂

  6. Fucking Hell that is a good crowd! The performance desrves it mind!

  7. 110 listen to that crowd!

  8. The note Matt hit at 3:08 was just so amazing that it caused the video feed to malfunction.

  9. XXsteviegfunkXX

    Funny cause thats what Muses actually are…

  10. muse are amazing <3 hopefully going to see them live sometime <3

    it's amazing when he starts the riff and everyone screams and cheers!

    matthew bellemy is amazingly talented !


  11. seeing this was so amazing. the kinda live experience that gives you butterflies in your stomach and sing your heart out 😀 absolutely loved it

  12. his voice is similer to thom yorkes one

  13. You could if you played it hundreds of times

  14. HerbzProductions

    OMG….When he starts playing the rif, and the crowd scream it sends shivers up my spine haha omg pure genius band tbh…

  15. 1:08


  16. I wish i could run around like him when I play… Let alone play like him!

    Muse are gods. 8D

  17. mattbellamysbliss

    hehe i cancled out ur thumb down

  18. that guitar is pure sex!

  19. no one has given you thumbs down

  20. hey, now, I never said he wasn’t.

    and why am I marked a thumbs down? wow, people are sensitive these days.

    I never said Muse weren’t the best damn thing on the planet or anything like that.

    after all, they are gods among men.

  21. are you crazy? he is the beast headbanger ever

  22. Aw, Chris is lookin a bit awkward. <3

  23. i do love this song!!