Muse @ Reading Festival – August 2011

Apollo Pageant Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. thanks, dude/dudette

  2. i just made it 23 😀

  3. 57 deaf people obviously. either that or one directioners

  4. 0:14 New born 6:40 Bliss 11:55 Plug in Baby 16:32 Wembley intro 2010 18:05 Uprising 23:38 Super Massive Blackhole 27:44 Interlude + Hysteria + Back in Black outro 32:10 Stockholm Syndrome+ Negative Creep Riff (Nirvana) + outro 41:10 Helsinki Jam 43:35 Undisclosed Desires 49:03 Resistance 54:55 Starlight 59:05  House of the Rising Sun+ TIme Is Running Out+ Outro 1:05:01 Man With The Harmonica Intro + Knights Of Cydonia
    bavo berth 3 weeks ago 15

  5. Cynthia Hysteria

    Pedazo de bajo wn ! 😀

  6. danksylovesmetallica

    There’s 57 twats clearly

  7. wow. 22 likes – the most i’ve ever had. thanks people

  8. aloneeasytarget82

    back in black + my own summer… awesome

  9. LoyalChairboy1

    That was such an amazing show.. Was at the front, then had to leave cause I’d had a fat guy fall on top of me, got mild concussion that night.. 😐

  10. wft nights of cydonia?

  11. jorge estrada

    love is forever

  12. 57 Supermassive Assholes

  13. illusionmist62442

    Everybody singing along like that… Awesome crowd!

  14. 18:12 is the best part

  15. Lo máximo que espectáculo compadre, pura energía.

  16. UnknownDemoTapes

    people who click the dislike button I presume.

  17. 57 faggots.

  18. this isn’t spam  – it’s useful!

  19. MrInvisibleHand

    In my opinion they should have played Apocalypse Please instead of Uprising there. Uprising is a weak song compared to AP…

  20. Que buenisimo esta este show por Dios !!!! me encantan, ojala vengan a la Argentina

  21. Hi guys 🙂 My boyfriend has a band which i think deserves more attention than it gets.
    I try to help them out. Listen to them if you get the chance, at Thanks !! <3

  22. Espero algún día verlos en vivo en mi País!!! Que se pasen por latinoamerica 😀 Muriendo por The 2nd Law!1

  23. matthewhonnor

    oh maybe they mucked up a little it just sounded weid or maybe its youtube fucking up

  24. Prague o2 arena in November 🙂 I will be there, singing texts of every song, jumping around, pumping my fist, claping, waving with my dreadlocks and having feelings like you got overdose of extasy… love that atmosphere at concerts <3 And who says Muse isnt metal band (in many ways) is sucker.

  25. no it’s 4/4 all the way.