The Libertines – (HD)(Live At Reading Festival 2010)(Full Concert)(PRO-SHOT)720P

Apollo Festival Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. life is amazing

  2. 1952joestrummer2002

    YESSSSSSS 0:34:32 

  3. Yeah your band is pretty much the only American band keeping it alive and relevant so thank you!!

  4. zactinoumans256


  5. desperatelytragic

    i wish the united states has a fucking taste of the culture of rock and roll that the UK has. we have let it die here. I mean my band, The Saintanne is pretty fucking good and all.. but christ. 😉

  6. yeahyeahyeah! this is quality!

  7. I was there!!

  8. no. you’re not.

  9. it’s a travesty of the greatest order that pete has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting approved for a US entry visa, same for Canada and I bet a handful of the more conservative Scandinavian nations – forget about Asia, that’s out of the question altogether. I’d totally book a first class seat on a flight to Heathrow if they announced tour dates again, however knowing the history of this great band & Doherty’s propensity to kinda, you know, “flake out”, I’ll wait for something concrete

  10. hot girl with the libertines shirt…

  11. Was there,was amazing.

  12. barring jayZ i would love this!

    Just wanted to say I bloody love The Libertines!

  14. CryingLightning10

    aw why didn’t they let pete sing what katie did

  15. CryingLightning10

    grandma came in looking at the top lefthand of the screen

  16. terrible mixing in the beginning

  17. 55,042 haven’t lost their faith in love and music

  18. Only 54 984 views ? WHAT’S WRONG ?????

  19. electricfeel90

    or fib 2013! you will not have problems for getting a ticket to benicassim!
    also the strokes are working on a new album… i dream with a festival with the strokes, libertines, monkeys and jayZ as headliners…..!

  20. that would be the best. id make sure i forced work to give me the time off and i would also make sure i could get a ticket, and travel however and id be there! nothing else would matter! haha

  21. garrrryyy <3

  22. what were u watching/listening to? dont sound like it was the same as me and most of the rest of us!…. john is awesome, and ur dissing carl? really? hes epic on guitar, his vocals and amazing, and he wrote it all with pete.. so… i disagree with those parts of ur comment, the fact they are enthralling and they shud get bk together, i agree with! but really, they were fecking epic! Carl is so underated 🙁

  23. yawn, on u trot then..

  24. nme reported that they have both said that one day it will happen.. when the time is right, carl said ‘when its needed’ and pete said that the future for the libertines is that they wil play music together and stuff…. and that was in march and april this 2012.. so i am being hopeful! 😀